Association aims high in national competitions

Members of the Naitasiri Netball team. Picture: NETBALL FIJI

Just four weeks after reviving their association, Naitasiri Netball has set their focus on the national competitions.

The Naitasiri men’s team took part in the Men’s National Championship on May 19-20, while their women’s senior team played their FinanceHub round one opener against Lautoka last weekend at the FMF Gymnasium.

They have successfully initiated weekly club meetings and expanded their engagement with villages and communities through these regular games.

Vice-president Panapasa Ivi expressed gratitude for the support they have received from the local communities in building up their association.

“We are fortunate to have the support of our communities in Naitasiri. They have been instrumental in helping and supporting us,” Panapasa stated.

Panapasa explained that their primary focus was to continue developing their team to compete with the top teams in the country and to improve their overall game.

“We have managed to form a team to participate in the Super League, which provides exposure to all participating teams and serves as a platform for development.

“For most of our players, this is their first time competing at the national level. It is an exciting and eye-opening experience for them, motivating them to train harder.

“After participating in the Men’s competition, we are now competing in the Super League. After this first round, we will assess and identify areas that require improvement. This initial round serves as an eye-opener for our team.

“While we didn’t secure a win, we are committed to working on our weaknesses to enhance our team’s performance and elevate ourselves to a higher level in the near future.”

The Naitasiri Netball Association’s swift engagement in national competitions and their determination to develop their team showcase their dedication to progress and their eagerness to stamp a mark in the netball community.

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