Editorial comment | Life and road rules

Kesaia Boletakanakadavu and her fellow pupils form MGM High School were part of the Ratu Sukuna Day celebrations at Ratu Sukuna Memorial School yesterday. Picture: JONA KONATACI

Now that the first meeting of the Great Council of Chiefs in 16 years has ended on the island of Bau, we look forward to celebrations to mark Ratu Sukuna Day.

Events have been scheduled reflecting on the life of a man who has been described as a statesman, a leader and a chief.

Students around the Capital City of Suva were given a historical look at his life this week, and reminded about the significance of the holiday set aside for him.

He had a vision for the country, his people, the vanua, land and the chiefs.

As we reflect on his life, we are reminded about the fact that we are into another long weekend.

On this day last year, we were reeling from the news that a man had died in a road accident.

The Tau villager from Nadroga was set to celebrate his 30th birthday.

However, a few hours before that, he died when the vehicle he was driving crashed near Korovuto, Nadi.

Family members and friends took to social media to grieve for him.

Police said he lost control of the vehicle, causing it to veer off the road.

The accident happened after 9pm and two other men from the same village who were travelling in the vehicle were medically treated and sent home.

The victim was rushed to the Nadi Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Just last weekend, a mother of four, Salanieta Nai was returning from a shopping trip to Nadi when she was hit by a vehicle on Saturday night, sustaining serious head injuries that resulted in her death.

Police said Mrs Nai was hit by a vehicle driven by a 41-year-old man.

The incident happened after 6pm along the Queens Highway near Uciwai in Nadi.

Police said she was crossing the road when she was allegedly hit by the suspect’s vehicle.

Once again we are reminded about how fragile life is.

We are reminded about the importance of road safety, and why we must adhere to advice from experts.

As we head into the long weekend, we know there will be a lot of traffic movement around the country.

Families will be lapping up the opportunity to visit relatives, probably go on a short holiday, or make plans to head to the beach maybe.

But they will be out and about, and that’s when traffic increases on our roads.

Road safety campaigns are organised annually.

We talk about road safety tips, and what should be done.

We talk about the safety of pedestrians, drivers and passengers, and we discuss the importance of staying alert.

We discuss road rules and why speed limits are there.

We discuss so many things because we care.

Yet these discussions fade away, and only pop up again when there is an accident.

It is important that people learn to appreciate advice and listen.

It is important that we actually do the right thing.

So when you are out and about today, please adhere to the road rules.

Use common sense and appreciate life.

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