Kirti Kulhari: We don’t have to be men to experience something in life

Kirti Kulhari. Picture: HQWALLS

Actress Kirti Kulhari took to social media on Thursday to talk about her passion for riding bikes. Kirti said she is fascinated by bikes and urged girls to break unsaid rules – like gearless vehicles like scooty are for girls and heavy vehicles with gears like bikes are meant for boys.

Taking to Instagram, Kirti shared a few videos of herself riding a bike. She wrote: “I am fascinated by bikes… Not as I pillion but as a Rider… I know it’s one of those million unsaid rules where anything gearless/ easy like scooty are for girls and something heavy/ with gears like bikes is for boys. But isn’t it just another conditioning?”

“I think it’s so cool to ride a bike and be the WOMEN that we are.. we don’t have to be MEN to experience somethings in life .. Come on girls.. break another #glassceiling and let bikes be a thing as much for girls as much it is for boys.. and let us take the boys for a ride this time,” she urged.

The actress also spoke about her desire to make a bike trip to Ladakh next year. “P.S — Doing a #biketrip in #ladakh is big on my #bucketlist and I am working towards it. 2022 shall be the year for it #xtremeadventure ,” she wrote.

On the work front, Kirti features in the recently released digital film Shaadisthan.

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