Letters to the Editor – Monday, March 27, 2023

Kaiviti Silktails defense work hard to stop Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs player Harry Hayes during their match in the Ron Massey Cup at Churchill Park in Lautoka. Picture: REINAL CHAND

Poor support for victorious Silktails

I was blessed to witness Silktails win at Churchill Park on Saturday.

While the focus is on our two Drua sides, I was offered an invitation by a significant personnel of the Silktails set-up, thanks to high school connections.

Amazingly, the Silktails are made up of young blood who are so proud, energetic and vibrant, some who are still fresh from high school.

However, I wish to comment on the publicity of this game.

Almost nobody knew about this match.

The attendance was poor, the crowd sleepy, but I thank a group of about 50 boys who were so vocal and seemed to provided the much needed support.

Can the relevant body which is organising Silktails games do a better job next time as far as publicity and advertisements are concerned?

We have seven more home games and we need as many people to come down and not only support the boys, but to restore lost glory in rugby league.

WAISALE MOCE, Nadarivatu

Walesi signal

IT’S Sunday, March 26 at 1pm and Sky TV has gone.

“No signal or bad channel”.

Yes Ronnie Chang, we have similar problems (FT 24/3) with WALESI in Suva although it seems to have settled down much better these days.

But now we have similar problems — “no signal or bad channel” with Sky TV and it seems to happen at around 1pm every day without fail.

By 1.15pm it’s all good again.

VIJAY P. MADHAVAN, Borron Rd, Suva

National and public interest

I THINK the matter of public and national interest interpretation and the vesting of decision making raised by a newspaper executive is quite relevant.

A few years back, a tertiary VC and his wife were deported from Fiji.

This arose from claims that they breached Section 13 of the Immigration Act which touches on public interest.

When the matter was raised in Parliament, the then speaker of the house had ruled that the deportation subject did not relate to a matter of public interest.

Therefore it was not urgent though the physical deportation exercise started in the middle of the night.

I have zero idea if this would constitute as a matter of public or national interest in anyway as well.

The public and national interest issue is extremely confusing.


Civil service

FROM my observations, there hasn’t been any substantial increase or addition to the services provided by the government in the past six years.

What warranted an increase in the civil service workforce by 30 per cent is a great mystery for now.

With the increased use of technology, civil servants should be on the decline, but the reality is just the opposite.

Government should assess every role and chop the ones that are not justifying the output.

There is no shame in making positions redundant when they were created due to bad management and bureaucracy.

Clean your house before taxpayers are burdened with more taxes.

KIRAN KHATRI, Samabula, Suva

Netanyahu’s reforms

WHEN an Israeli defence minister calls for a halt to judicial reforms (ct 26/3 ) it’s time to take stock of the nationwide protest the Netanyahu reforms have generated.

There is a strong sense that the reforms have been designed to dilute the powers of the judiciary and concentrate it in the hands of the Netanyahu government, and to take away the powers of the judiciary to deal with Netanyahu’s own corruption cases which are before the court.

There is the public perception that the reforms in question are a political ploy to undermine Israeli’s democracy and this is just not going to be tolerated.

That’s the loud and clear message from the Israeli people to their political leaders.

RAJEND NAIDU, Sydney, Australia

Everlasting water woes

THE water issues that the country is facing recently is really frustrating, especially in the Suva-Nausori corridor.

So many businesses, schools and universities are affected because of it.

I do not know who to blame, but half the time the Water Authority of Fiji is conducting some sort of project or repair works.

There is more repair work than actual water usage in Fiji.

The roti belna I get after sleeping without a shower at night is my motivation for this letter.

RAYNAV CHAND, Nakasi, Nausori

Guns on plane

AIYAZ Sayed-Khaiyum cannot just simply wash his hands off by claiming that “the ministers who are given bodyguards do not have any control over the bodyguards, what the bodyguards have, what they don’t have” (FT 23/3).

I believe a formal request has to be made before any bodyguard is assigned to the ministers.

And that request will specify whether they need to be armed.

Furthermore, as the Minister for Communications it was his duty to find out if the guns were loaded and whether the bodyguards had permits to carry them on board.

He cannot play ignorant.

Selwa Nandan, Lautoka


I AGREE with Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry’s call for the Coalition Government to be held accountable to their election pledges.

We recall the Bainimarama regime made many promises to the people of Fiji after taking over in 2006.

The two major ones I recall were that it would keep the 1997 Fiji Constitution and that no military personnel would benefit from the takeover.

The promises, as we all know, were not kept.

The rest is history.

RAJEND NAIDU, Sydney, Australia

Fishy case

THAT $20 million spent.

For what?


Should be an “open and shut” case.

I reiterate, follow the money.

MANOJ LAL PATEL, Drasa Avenue, Lautoka

The only one

NO wonder only one minister always spoke in Parliament during the reign of the FijiFirst government.

I believe his English proficiency answered all questions to the then opposition whether right or wrong.

ARTI VERMA, Simla, Lautoka

Keep in check

I THINK the Fiji Labour Party leader has been more effective in keeping the government in check when compared to the combined FijiFirst Party efforts from the inside and outside.


Let us pray

WISE words Wise Muavono (ST. 26/3), I hear you loud and clear.

TERRY HULME, Russell St, Eastwood, NSW


A FEW years back Net Ledua, Buli Rawailui and few other ex-boxers tried to revive amateur boxing in Labasa and were able to stage a few programs.

I would just like to find out from the Ministry of Youth and Sports if they can facilitate a boxing gymnasium in Labasa with a boxing ring and boxing gear.

I hope that this ministry could respond to this small request.

I would also like the Fiji Boxing Council to look into reviving amateur boxing.

Please note amateur boxers make very good professional boxers.


Lucky women

THE Fijiana Drua was very lucky in my view to win their last game against the Brumbies.

As expected with the first game this season and with some members from last year migrating for overseas contracts, the litany of errors committed by the Drua would be a huge challenge to the coaching staff before their next game.

Let’s hope for a better performance in the next game.


Bad day for Drua

GOING down 24-57 to the Highlanders, it definitely confirms our Drua had a very bad day in the office at Forsyth park.

We take the loss fair and square.

Not a day I am proud of.

Somehow, the Drua just could not put things together.

Very disappointing performance.

There are extremely valuable lessons to be learnt before taking on the Melbourne Rebels at home in Suva’s HFC Bank Stadium this Saturday.

The Drua was a shadow of the team which sprung a massive David and Goliath defeat against the mighty Crusaders.

Can Drua re-live that famous victory?

We can beat the Rebels at home.

Toso Fijiana Drua toso.

Toso talega Fijian Drua toso.

Meanwhile, in Super Rugby (W), congratulations must go to Fijiana Drua overcoming the Brumbies 12-7 at Prince Charles Park.

The match was riddled with numerous handling errors by both teams.

Nevertheless, we take the win.

Thank you girls.

Vina va levu na qaqa.

Thank you Nadi Town Council for giving Prince Charles Park a badly needed upgrade and face-lift.

Bucket seats next, please.

RONNIE CHANG, Martintar, Nadi

Ram Naumi

ON Thursday, March 30 the festival of Ram Naumi will be celebrated by Hindu devotees.

The preparation for this started on March 22 when devotees went into fasting, praying, singing bhajans (hymns), reading excerpts from the Holy Ramayana: Ram Charitra Manas.

Ram established dharma (religious principles) and ideals of character worth emulating by mankind.

Ram Naumi is celebrated to mark the birth (reincarnation) of Lord Rama, the 7th reincarnation of Lord Vishnu.

He was born on the 9th day of Chaitra Mas (1st month of Hindu lunar calendar ) at midday when a cool breeze blew and people were resting after the mid-day meal.

King Dasrath of Iksvaku dynasty ruled from the city of Ajodhya in North India.

Queen Kausilya gave birth to Ram at noon and the news sent euphoria throughout the palace.

King Dasrath was elated and the people of Ajodhya started singing and dancing in jubilation.

Other queens also gave birth to sons: Sumintra to Laxmana and Satruhan and Kekai to Bharat.

Thus Ram had three other brothers.

Ram is also known as Maryada Purushotam.

His life exemplifies the ideal son, ideal husband (sworn to have only one wife) ideal ruler, ideal friend and an ideal enemy.

He was always pleasant-faced, never told lies, said things only once and never minced his words.

He dished out justice with fairness to all.

Thus the devotees venerated his charitra (character) and Ram Rajya – the reign of Lord Rama.

Ram used a bow and arrow to vanquish his enemies.

He defeated Ravana (embodiment of evil) in the final battle Made Bhibhisan (Rawn’s brother) the king of Lanka.

And with his entourage returned to the capital city of Ajodhya.

On Thursday, March 30, millions of Hindus will flock to temples to celebrate Ram Naumi with final havan pooja (fire sacrifice) followed by feasting.

May I wish all Hindu devotees a happy Ram Naumi.

DEWAN CHAND, Namadi Heights, Suva

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