Letters to the Editor – Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Fiji 7s debutant Josese Batirerega in action against Japan at the Sydney 7s last weekend. Picture: TrySportimages

Rugby rookie on the rise

Karl Tenana and co-commentators could not stop heaping praises on our rookie Batirerega and one of them said he is “all arms and legs”.

Solid debut by the rookie and he should be the new star.

Give him a few more games and tournaments.

No fancy ending when he scores a try, just a simple look on his face.

His solid fending, all arms, and his penetrating runs to break tackles, all legs, is a joy to watch.

Vinaka, joka dina cauravou.

Show them to them, Toso Viti.

I am waiting for Sauturaga to return the new twinkle toes … kon roki?

Qarauna LA!

Shalwyn Prasad, Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva

The come back


That last game was dope, Yeah bruh it was lit.

No cap!

Why didn’t they play like that, against the Boks tavale?

Sega saraga ni macala, When you’re tired, don’t tired, Io taki sara.

Edward Blakelock, Pacific Harbour

National anthem

Like your correspondent Samu Silatolu (31/1/23) and I’m sure many others, I would like there to be a Fijian version of the national anthem.

Unfortunately there isn’t one, officially.

The only version is in English.

The ‘Meda dau doka’ that some people sing to the tune of the national anthem is not, nor has ever been, the national anthem, and in my opinion should not be because it is poorly written (eg you cannot ‘vinakata na vanua’) and contains some dubious sentiments (eg why are the cauravou being blamed and for what?).

I have composed a Fijian version which I think is more appropriate, and would be happy to share with anyone who contacts me by either my USP email or Facebook.

Paul Geraghty, USP, Suva

Some issues

In recent days some opposition forces have been making loud and pontificating noises regarding the alleged breach of the constitution by the coalition Government.

They have attempted to display a picture of total disarray in the coalition Government.

This is far from the truth as repeatedly stated by the Government.

Attempts have been made to convince people that the 2013 Constitution is the greatest casualty….oops… (..the document which was thrust down our throats!)

Therefore, to listen to constitutionalism, values and principles of the Fijian Constitution, including accepted standards of ethical and moral standards, sense of natural justice and fair play etc…etc…it is mind boggling indeed.

I believe the late Laisenia Qarase, the former prime minister must be twisting and turning in his grave at Mavana on Vanuabalavu.

He surely must be very confused to hear all this pontification coming from unexpected sources!

He must be musing: “My God what has happened to the politics of Fiji?”.

He must be remembering the events of 2006 when his democratically-elected government was brutally overthrown and he was sent to jail.

Words have a divine power.

Once uttered it reverberates in the universe.

It may bless or haunt the users and the abusers.

The Holy Bible says: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

This certainly is food for thought for all those who are interested in politics and the prosperity of our great nation.

Dewan Chand, Namadi Heights, Suva

It’s not a bank

As harsh as it may sound, FNPF should stop handing out money during times of natural disaster.

The money that goes towards the FNPF is foremost for retirement.

We are considerably lucky to be born in Fiji, where even the neighbours will ask you for kai in times of need.

Natural disasters will come and go, life will happen.

But who is going to look after you once you retire?

This is the investment you enjoy when the time comes for you to retire.

If you empty all the money now, in excuses for natural disasters or renovations —no one is going to look after you once your hands and legs give up.

Please understand the importance of a facility like FNPF — don’t treat it like a bank.

Ashneel J Prasad, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Pension funds

FNPF Chief Operating Officer Pravinesh Singh emphasises that FNPF is not a bank to withdraw your accumulated funds whenever you want, in the FNPF forum (FT 30/1).

I feel the members should get the message that the accumulated fund in their account is for their lifetime benefit if they opted for the appropriate package that suits them most.

If you keep withdrawing frequently, you will have your fund exhausted which will affect your pension on your entitlement.

We all need finance for various reasons at different stages and at times we have to withdraw accordingly.

We should also be mindful for our rainy days on retirement gracefully with our healthy pension.

The financial status of individuals differ as we have our rights on our money with FNPF.

We are always reminded that the more funds saved, the more we will get if we are planning ahead for a happy retirement.

In my opinion, the lifetime joint pension may be the best option.

Your choice!

Tahir Ali, Hamilton, New Zealand

Retirement age

It’s a good idea to increase the retirement age to 60 or 65 provided the younger generation find employment at the same time.

Hopefully the Government sees both sides of the coin before making a decision on the retirement age.

Geoffrey Chand, Lautoka

Improved player

I think Viwa Naduvalo has made massive improvements in his overall game.

He has become hungry and does not shy away from the physical stuff now.

Mohammed Imraz Janif, Natabua, Lautoka

16-year party

Never too late to change.

Have some self-respect and move away.

I believe there is more to come.

Dan Urai, Lautoka

That revelation

When the person who has decided to receive $1 per year for his services made the around $32,000 per month revelation, I blinked with my forehead stretched towards the sky.

In the background, someone let loose (I think deliberately) a moon traveller.

It went “sooi pat”.

Mohammed Imraz Janif, Natabua, Lautoka

Public information

If it’s not already part of the rules in Fiji, then it’s about time that salaries of all government employees and employees of government statutory bodies should be public information.

Many open societies have this rule because taxpayers have a right to know.

In the US information such as name, grade, salary, title and duty station are generally available to the public.

Praneet Singh, Sacramento, CA

National anthem

Wouldn’t it be nice to have our national anthem sung in the iTaukei language first before the English version?

Just a thought!

Koroi Seduadua, Nasese, Suva

Appointment For

all those who questioned Ajay Bhai Amrit’s appointment as FBC board chair.

Answer is in ninety three million seven hundred eighty two thousand, eight hundred eleven and point four five parts.


We sort this out first and the two hundred thousand answer, question can be sorted later.

How about it?

MANOJ LAL, Patel Drasa Ave, Lautoka

A national hero

As per The Fiji Times of Saturday, January 28, Prime Minister honourable Sitiveni Rabuka’s contribution to the Letters to the Editor and caption, classed Allen Lockington as a national hero for his legacy as a philanthropist.

His informative contribution in his letter and paying his last respect to Allen Lockington touched the heart of many.

Today’s Thought (Saturday): We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give — WINSTON CHURCHILL.

SARITA LAL, Malolo St, Lautoka

Garbage rates

I also agree with Julie Sutherland on the rubbish collectors issues (FT 28/1/23).

The municipal councils should act on this ASAP.

But my issue is with the current residential garbage collection rates for Suva residents which is $27.25 VIP per annum per bin.

This is for three weekly collections for the whole year.

In other words 156 collections.

So for this important service, this equates to just over $0.17c, yes seventeen cents, per pickup.

This is ridiculous.

A more realistic fee, under the circumstances, should be at least $1 a trip.

Remember the collection group normally involves a truck with a driver and at least two SCC employees.

But, do we really need three collections a week.

I reckon twice a week will be more than sufficient.

Maybe the new Local Government Minister could include this in their reforms.

Also I have been reliably informed that some households with more than 1 flat pay only one garbage collection fee, although they put out more than one bin for collection.

The administrators should look into this also.

While at it the minster responsible should also look at our water rates.

I believe we should be paying much more for our water — the best in the world.

Vijay P. Madhavan, Borron Rd, Suva

Drink-drive drivers

On Saturday morning, commencing around 5.50am, January 28, 2023 during the course of my 60-min 5.24km walk along the Martintar, Nadi Queens Road, Wailoaloa Rd – Denarau By-pass and back on to the Queens Rd towards McDonald’s Nadi, I encountered no less than six drivers (rental and private cars) under the influence.

Six drink/drive drivers just “got away” unscathed.

They should have been taken in, without any doubt, in my view.

Our roads and side street boasted no less than a hundred patrons who were well intoxicated on Saturday morning.

A bad sight for all incoming and out-bound tourists and visitors.

Martintar, Nadi’s in place for night life, deserves better for peace of heart, mind and will.

Wailoaloa is another in place for night life too.

Respectfully, I make this appeal.

In the name of poverty alleviation, please close all our bars, taverns and nightclubs by 1am.

People should be home before the sun rises.

Remember, every dollar saved at the bar, means one long loaf for their families at home.

Some of our people cannot handle alcohol responsibly.

To the highway police “booze bust team” please pay some attention too to our little corner of the world.

Martintar, Nadi boasts major early morning issues about our personal safety with many drunkards spilling out from bars, taverns and nightclubs from 5am.

Drunk drivers are a menace and danger to all road users and society.

Many of our people are too scared to put pen to paper and sign petitions.

Ronnie Chang, Martintar, Nadi

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