Overcoming rugby and school work

Jason, left and Martin Iakoba after a game at Bidesi Ground at Laucala Bay, Suva. Picture: FILIPE MARAYAWA

Trying to balance rugby and school work is no easy feat but with determination and good time management, everything is possible.

This is the message 23-year-old Jason Iakoba would like to share with young rugby players in the country.

The young lad from Rabi with maternal links to Nasinu, Cakaudrove ran out at second-five eighth for the Nabua Maroons side alongside his younger brother, Martin, who played at right wing as they defeated Marist Rugby Club 29-15 in the round eight of the Suva Rugby Union Escott Shield competition at Bidesi ground in Laucala Bay on Monday.

“If the heart is willing, anything is possible,” said Jason.

“I know many people will find playing rugby and trying to focus on schoolwork very hard.

“I know it’s pretty daunting but it all depends on how you manage your time well.

“While I was enrolled at the University of the South Pacific, I had to juggle between attending lectures and tutorials, and completing my assignments while I pursued my passion of playing rugby.

“It can all be done but you just have to be patient and everything will work out.”

Jason has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce majoring in public administration and land management from USP and urges aspiring rugby players to find the balance between the two.

“Just set goals for yourself and work hard in achieving them,” he said.

“You may struggle a bit at the beginning but once you’ve found balance and discipline, you will find it easy to manage time wisely between schooling and training.”

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